Patrick Bollenbach

Shopify App Launch: Recipe Kit, an easy recipe builder for Shopify stores.

Recipe Kit Shopify App Listing Page

I’ve been focusing on building Shopify apps ever since I launched my first app called - which is a product waiting list app for Shopify stores looking to launch new products.

I’ve had the privilege of working with various Shopify store owners over the past 4 years of freelancing all over the world, and recently found a gap in the app store marketplace. There was simply no way to write and post good looking recipes on your Shopify store.

Wordpress has always had hundreds of recipe plugins, of course, but somehow nobody had built a recipe app specifically built in with Shopify that integrates with pages, blog posts, products, etc.

So, I began an adventure to build a recipe app for Shopify.

From idea to app launch, the entire process took me about 5 weeks.

This was super quick due to the fact that I was able to re-use a good chunk of code from, thankfully. I also worked with a fantastic app reviewer (thanks Ivana!) who responded super quickly and gave me great advice.

So… here it is:

Recipe Kit

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What does it do?

Basically, Recipe Kit allows Shopify store owners to super easily create great looking, SEO optimized, product embedded recipe cards to show on their store’s blog posts.

Some features

Have a question? Feature request?

Send me a message via or and I’ll get back to you and work on an update ASAP to fit your business needs :)